So often we are so engulfed with the thoughts of the past or worrying about what the future holds that we forget to live in the present.we are not promised tomorrow.and we have enough grace for today.if we can concentrate on what is going on in our life right now and be fully present we can achieve a lot more.practising mindfulness reduces stress and reduces high blood pressure. Though there is nothing wrong with thinking about the past or future but if u are always stuck in the past you wont be able to live in the moment thereby missing out on the amazing things going on around you at the moment.Most of the things you worry about don’t happen,even if it happens that means you have to worry twice.


-practice meditation

-always remember that God has got you covered,and if God can cloth the birds of the air how much more will he take care of your tomorrow.

-yesterday is gone ,forget about it,today is a gift that’s why its called ‘the present’.

-Whind down before going to sleep.

-Always remember that you are not promised tomorow so do the best you can today.




13 thoughts on “LIVING IN THE NOW

  1. Now is everything we have! yesterday is gone, and yesterday still to come 🙂

  2. I am really bad at staying in the present. I am such a planner that I am always living ahead. Really trying to force myself to stay in the moment. – Amy

  3. Something I keep trying to do. Great reminders!

  4. I've been focusing on living in the moment and have actually implemented meditating at least once a week because of that! It really does help. Great tips!


  5. It's hard to stay in the now, I'm always planning tomorrow.


  6. great advice always got to appriricaye what you have now today !!

  7. Lately, I’ve been reading more about meditation! I have yet to practice but I will soon.

  8. ‘God has got you covered,and if God can cloth the birds of the air how much more will he take care of your tomorrow’ this is very encouraging.

  9. This was really thought provoking, thank you! I often find myself thinking about the future when I am not enjoying the right now!

  10. So much easier said than done but definitely words worth trying to live by! Great post!
    Tisha 💙

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