Depression is a run down feeling or a lack of ability to find pleasure in the activity going on in one’s life.


-Find healthy close relationship and spend time with loved ones.Get a good support system and be around lively bubbly people.Also try to build your relationship skills.

-Lack of sleep can create problems so try and get more sleep.A good night sleep improves your emotional wellbeing.Also when you feel overwhelmed take a walk or go to the gym.Go to the park and play more.

-Change your diet.too much junk food,drinking or smoking can make you feel sluggish and weak.Eat lots of nutritious food like fruits and vegetables,wholegrain and wholefood.salmon and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the brain.drink lots of water.

-Volunteer to help the less priviledged .when u serve people you feel happier and it makes you appreciate life more.and you realise that people wish they have the things you take for granted.

-Evaluate your thought pattern and avoid negative thought patterns.



  1. I love this post! So many handle depression differently but this post was just perfect!!

  2. Short, sweet, and to the point. Love this. It is perfectly said.

  3. Those are good things to try if your feeling down. Lack of sleep definitely can make your depression worse

  4. Depression is faced by many, but only some decides to highlight it and speak about it! Great writing.

  5. Depression is a hard one. I know so many who suffer with it. Thanks for the insight.

  6. simple and very helpful tips you've shared..

  7. I think more people struggle with depression than admit to it. These are all good things to do when you’re low.

  8. Lovely tips to help fight mental health issues. Depression is surely a difficult subject to talk about!

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