TIPS FOR LIVING A POSITIVE ORIENTED LIFE the world is full of negativity and changing one’s perception from negative to positive is important for living a wholesome happy life.I have written some tips for a positive oriented life.






-TIME IS A PRECIOUS GIFT:Time is a precious gift so invest it wisely.Time spent cant be gotten back.spend time with people that celebrate you not people that tolerate you.

SET GOALS AND MAKE PLANS TO ACHIEVE THEM:When you set goals make daily plans and routines to achieve them.ambiguous goals can be overwhelming and leads to procrastination.a popular adage says if you fail to plan you have planned to fail.wake up early.the earlier you wake the more you get from the day.

POSITIVE MINDSET. Positive mindset is important if we are going to have a positive impact in our lives.we need to see the positive side of life.we should always have a positive expectation for the future.The bible says as a man thinketh so is he.The enemy is always fighting our mind, the enemy knows that God’s people are protected and cannot be touched so the enemy knows that if he can get your mind he can control you that’s why he puts negative thoughts in your mind but we need to constantly replace those negative thoughts with the word of God.

FORGIVE YOUR ENEMIES. The is a popular saying the unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.its important to forgive enemies and offenders because it keeps them off your mind,and gives you the inner peace and healing you need.Forgiveness also makes it possible for your prayers to be answered and it unhinders your the psalmist says forgive us as we forgive those who sin against us.That means for us to get God’s forgiveness we have to give forgiveness.





  1. wow, thank you so much for this post, I have so much postitive expectation for my future.


  3. I agree with you. If you go around full of negativity, it won't be good for you. Other people will notice this as well.

  4. “wake up early” — I started doing this a few months ago because I simply couldn't get done in a day what I wanted to do. I'm not talking about chores; I'm talking about things that fulfil me – yoga, walking my dog, writing. I'd highly recommend this practice to anyone. You only THINK you're not a morning person!

  5. I agree eliminating all these things does make a difference

  6. Good thoughts. I needed this today. Thanks!

  7. Sometimes it's difficult to get away from the negative thoughts if you don't make a concerted effort. thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful thoughts! Grateful for this read to start my week.


  9. Amazing thoughts to lead a positive life. Setting goals and then making plans accordingly really sort of many things.

  10. Funny – I just wrote a post on how to have a more positive look on life as well. 🙂 Are in the prosess of translating it into english right now. A little tip though, try to spred the text a little it is very compressed and that makes it a little harder to read! Or maybe thats only on my computer? Otherwise I liked this article 🙂

  11. Great post. As a positive pet trainer, I really try to live the life. Being positive is such a great way to live and it's good for the health.

  12. Beautiful post! It´s is such a pleasure to read well-written, thoughtful text. I am sure to follow your blog in the future as well 🙂

  13. Great article. That is very true. Negativity does no good and we should all get rid of negativity in our lives and embrace positivism.

  14. Oh I enjoyed reading this. Our world is so negative, we need to focus on the good things in our lives and achieve our goals. Loved that you created this post!

  15. thanks ,glad to inspire.

  16. thanks dear.Am glad to inspire

  17. Being positive is so important when the surroundings are so negative these days! Loved it

  18. I think positivity in life is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. I always try to remain positive and happy.

  19. Wonderful thoughts. I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing!

  20. so much positivity. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  21. Indeed that time is a precious gift that we all have, keep more positivity and seize the day!

    Pammy –

  22. This is all very true. Approaching anything with negativity just sets us up with expectation of failure, often fulfilling that expectation. It is difficult to break the habit but worth it for the benefits.

  23. Having a positive mindset has massively changed me and my life recently. It’s a learning curve for me, but one I’m determined to overcome x

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